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Rafale A for Turbine 

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(Ducted Fan version also available)


Only one example of the full size Rafale A was built as a technology demonstrator. The later "B", "C" and "N" versions are quite different. By the way, "rafale" is French for "wind gust". It is pronounced "rah-fahl".


The Rafale A model is an extremely versatile jet capable of even 3D style aerobatics. The delta planform and the moveable canards  make it a very stable, yet fully aerobatic jet which will perform some exotic maneuvers like tailslides, flat spins and cobras. Simple construction and proven performance make this model a fine choice: all in all a model that will give countless hours of flying fun.


Slow flight characteristics are excellent and the model can easily be flown from short grass fields. This model is rather small and therefore, we recommend the 50 N (12 lbs) to 80N (17 lbs) thrust class Turbines for the highest fun level. Anything bigger will only increase the required fuel load and consequently the total weight. This jet does not use a bypass system for simplicity and weight reasons.

Simple Turbine installation without bypass

The bearing tubes for the canards are already installed in the fuselage. The canards are ready made epoxy glass components with the pivot axles already installed.

Rafale price list


Scale:   1/9
Length:   1780 mm (70 inches)
Wingspan:   1260 mm (50 inches)
Weight:   7,0 kg (16 lbs)
Suitable Thrust Class:   50 to 80 N (12 to 17 lbs)

Kit contents

(general kit info on Jet Kits page)


  • gel-coated epoxy glass fuselage, main hatch and intake liners

  • gel-coated epoxy glass canards, missile launchers and scale details

  • high density foam flying surfaces balsa sheeted and carbon reinforced

  • vacformed clear canopy and black plastic cockpit deck

  • CNC routered plywood and balsa parts

  • balsa leading edge and trailing edge stock

  • stainless steel bifurcated tailpipe with bellmouth

  • complete fuel tank system

  • comprehensive hardware package

  • full size plans

  • photo illustrated detailed manual


Landing gear

  • RB520 ROBART 520W1 retracts

  • PA206 scale nose oleo strut set, CNC machined to the highest standards

  • PA205 complete gear doors set with full pneumatic support accessories

  • RB103 ROBART main strut covers

  • PA272 complete wheels and brakes set with full pneumatic support accessories

Rafale A with ROBART retracts (RB520) and equipped with gear doors PA205, nose oleo strut PA206 and ROBART main wire strut covers (RB103)

Scale and other accessories

  • AC031 full body pilot 1/9 scale (unpainted)

  • PA225 scale instrument panel kit (resin cast)

  • PA226 scale ejection seat kit (vacform and resin cast)

  • PA228 scale sensor probes, white metal cast (6 ea.)

  • PA210 waterslide decal set

  • PA242 rudder installation kit

Rafale A Photo Gallery

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Fantasy camouflaged Rafale A by Joseph Grégoire, Belgium
Fantasy camouflage Rafale A by Hans Van Dongen, The Netherlands
Fantasy camouflaged Rafale A by Stef De Wit, Belgium
Fantasy Tiger Rafale A by Philip Noel, UK

Demonstrator Rafale A by Philip Avonds, Belgium

Rafale price list

Rafale A landing gearRafale A scale options

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