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Ducted Fans

Ducted fans have lost a lot in popularity since the advent of real Turbines. We do however still offer our jet kits in a version suitable for Ducted Fan. This allows people tight on budget to enter the jet scene. The initial investment is never lost as all our jet kits for Ducted Fan can be converted to Turbine power later if required. For this purpose, we also offer Turbine conversion kits.

Electric Ducted Fans

Our models are not set up to use an EDF. Modellers have successfully converted some or our models for EDF power, but they did it on their own, we don't have any specific instructions nor do we have any experience with EDF. We can however tell you that the face of the air intake liners where it meets the fan unit measures 130 mm in diameter, so any EDF with a diameter of 130 mm or smaller can be made to fit and work efficiently.


The contents of our jet kits for Ducted Fan are exactly the same as for the Turbine jet kits except for the following items:

  • complete fuel system (suitable for glow fuels)

  • hardware pack (silencer hook, fan pressure tap etc. added)

  • tailpipe ducting

  • some wood parts

  • in the case of the F-15: no carbon reinforcement in the fuselage


Please consult the Jet Kits pages for detailed lists of the contents of the jet kits for turbines.

All our jet kits are optimised for the RAMTEC fan unit, OS .91 VR DF engine and JMP silencer pipe. These are all a drop-in fit. Any other fan, engine or pipe will result in less performance and will require modifications to be made.

Due to low demand, we no longer stock ducted fan units, engines, pipes etc. We still have some spares to support current DF jet modelers. If you're looking for OS or Ramtec spares not listed, please contact us for availability. See also our price list



StartLanding gearScale optionsTurbinesDucted FansJet KitsOrdering infoPrice listAbout usRCJI Magazine

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